Hip Hop, R&Bをベースとしながら様々なジャンルをクロスオーバーさせるプレイが彼女のスタイル。
2016年に自身初のMIX CD「NOVA」をリリース。
2017年よりDJ BAR&LOUNGE WREPで「Palladium Lab」というパーティーをスタート。パーティーを軸に、今後はキュレーション活動も展開予定。
2019年にManhattan RecordsよりMIX CD「Lifestyle」をリリース。



Japanese DJ. In 2006, she got her hands on a turntable which started her career as a DJ. Based in Tokyo, but touring all over the world.
NIKE and IKEA are amongst some of the major brands she has DJ’d for and she has become of one the most trusted selectors for hotel lounge and in-store events.
As a base she plays Hip Hop and R&B, but her style is a crossover of different genres.
In 2016, she released her mix CD “Nova”.
In 2017, she started her residency at DJ BAR&LOUNGE WREP, hosting her own bi-weekly event.
In 2018, she became a radio host at Tokyo based online radio “” and regularly spins for Japanese Internet/TV AmebaTV’s show “AmebaMix”.
In 2019, she released her mix CD “Lifestyle” from Manhattan Records.