Important Notice


HEART is a membership system venue. For guests visiting CONTACT, you will have to register to become a “GH MEMBERS Plus” which is a membership system run by Global Hearts Co.Ltd. It would be much obliged if our guests would complete the registration process in advance. We thank you for your understanding.




  • 登録時からGH運営店舗のタイムスケジュールがご確認できます。
  • HEARTへ1回のご来店で100 POINT 追加され、1000 POINTで¥1000/1DRINK付の入場料が1回無料になります。
  • CONTACTは登録時からエントランス料金を¥500割引致します。1000POINTで¥3500までのイベント入場料が1回無料になります。
  • 顔写真を登録して頂き、エントランスにて身分証明書での認証を行って頂くと、次回から会員画面がIDとしてご利用頂けます。
  • GHが運営する飲食店※で5%の割引が受けられます。
  • 登録開始時から1年間の来場回数で、『一般会員』『Silver会員』『Gold会員』と会員ステージが変わります。
    会員ステージ 一般会員 Silver会員 Gold会員
    年間来場回数 6回未満 6回~ 12回~
    CONTACT,VISION 割引額 \500 \1,000 \1,500

Benefits for Members

GH MEMBERS will receive the following benefits.

Please check each store's website for benefits at stores operated by GH's other than HEART.

  • You can check the timetable for GH management venue on member registration page.
  • 100 POINTs will be added to HEART for each visit and 1000 POINTs will be admission free with ¥ 1000 / 1DRINK.
  • You can use this member registration as ID once you register your Photodata on the page and then the page with photo gets approved at the entrance.
  • You can get a 5% discount at restaurants * operated by GH. * CAFE FRAMES, MICROCOSMOS
  • The member status will be upgraded depends on visiting number. The status will be assessed to『General membership』『Silber membership』『Gold membership』by annual visiting number.
    The member status General membership Silver membership Gold membership
    Annual visiting number Less than 6 times More than 6 times More than 12 times
    CONTACT,VISION Discount price \500 \1,000 \1,500


Membership Registration

  • *貸切イベント等により、ご利用いただけない場合もございます。
  • *会員特典は、変更になる場合がございます。
  • *お問合せ先:株式会社グローバル・ハーツ Tel: 03-6415-6232
  • *2019年11月1日現在
  • * Depending on some cases (i.e. reserved parties), you will not be able to use the system to earn/use points.
  • * Changes may be made regarding the membership.
  • * Inquiry : Global-Hearts Co.Ltd. TEL 03-6415-6232
  • April 1st, 2016.

〒160-0022 東京都新宿区新宿2丁目19-9 角ビル B1F

B1F Kado Build. , 2-19-9 Shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022 Japan

Information : 03-6384-1053

You must be over 20 with photo ID.